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"It's just an animal. It's just the trees. It's just the dark…"

Most people are scared of something, and some more than others. "It's just the dark" is a first-person horror/thriller about experiencing irrational fear and perhaps developing some empathy for those that live with it on a daily basis.

The game features a dark, high-contrast, abstract visual style with a disorientating, dynamic environment. Camera movement and heavy post-effects are used to simulate increased heart rate, erratic eye movement and pupil dilation.

Game play involves walking along a linear forest path and directing your smartphone flashlight at anything that frightens you. But beware, your battery wont last forever. The frightening game play moments are anticipated by ambient environmental audio effects and animated models, for example, rustling bushes etc.

The primary aesthetic generated is Sensation. This feeling will be delivered by terrifying and disorienting the player. Terror comes from anticipation, tension, and feelings of being watched by an unknown entity. The post-effects, camera, movement and the dynamic environment work to disorientate. The game also aims to communicate feelings of desolation and loneliness through the surroundings. The transition from a claustrophobic environment heavy with anticipation (and the occasional jump scare) to a bleak and desolate wasteland should also assist to disorientate.

Developer's notes: "It's just the dark" is only in the conceptual stage but I will be making the first prototype very soon. Discussion about the game's design is more than welcome!


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This sounds really fun cant wait to experience it

Thank you, me too!