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Missile Command clone in the style of an assigned artist. My artist is James Turrell. A pilot with a background in perceptual psychology, Turrell creates installations that distort the viewer's perception of depth and space.

If I have succeeded in distorting your perceptions or disorientating you in an unfamiliar way then I'll be happy. Please feel free to fill out the questionnaire when you've finished playing. 

How To Play

Stop the nukes (black) from reaching the bottom of the screen. Left click the screen to fire your surface-to-air missiles at the incoming nukes. Survive as long as you can.


Sounds taken from the  Piano préparé 140630 sound pack by lomographicmusic are licensed under an Attribution License.

String Theory by Sarah J. Ritch is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 International License.


concept2_win.zip 35 MB

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