A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Nest (working title) is a very over-scoped, four-week student game about home. Take on the role of an avian predator in this janky physics sandbox while exploring various systems related to home such as rest/retreat, adaption, and territory. Evolve to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Please Note

Please don't change the controls in the launcher config tab, the prompts are all static at the moment and all assuming you're using an Xbox controller. 


Joshua Bidwell - Art, Design, Programming & Project Lead

Jacob Chan - Programming

Simon Audus - Music & Sound

Kat Latcham - Animation

Aidan Ranger - Animation

Dale Lynch - Animation


nest_v0.3.5_win64.zip 27 MB
nest_v0.3.5_osx.zip 41 MB

Development log